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All of our work with clients is based on the principle that each person is an individual with different experiences, hopes and desires. We want to help you on your personal journey to achieving everything that feels right in your own life, both personally and professionally. Regular Counselling or Coaching sessions are recommended to develop and fully integrate the new insights and outlook that you will gain.


Nobody could ever replace your individual style, attention to detail, friendliness, professionalism and genuine enthusiasm for giving of your very best

LIFERR, Hethersett

Juggling two jobs, four children a husband and home had left me unhappy, stressed and overwhelmed. I was unable to think clearly, focus or prioritise. I’d lost confidence and was dreading the daily routine I’d got myself into and I felt stagnated. Sophie helped me to hover above my world and re-evaluate everything I did in all aspects of my life and gave me strategies and solutions to help me become organised, effective at work and at home. The sessions were incredibly helpful and Sophie is a really lovely person and so easy to talk to. The sessions allowed me to focus on ‘me’ and I became confident again and able to move forward positively with various coping strategies and support. I can honestly say the sessions with Sophie were life-changing, I am incredibly glad I gave Sophie a call and I would highly advise anyone else to do the same

LIFEHG, Norwich

Friends and family noticed a difference in me within weeks of my first session, and I feel so much calmer and confident, and also so positive about the future

LIFET, Norfolk

You stuck to your word in not feeling sorry for me, and that you would talk through things with me in a way that would benefit me, and for that I am massively grateful. It made it a lot easier to open up

LIFEJ, Wymondham

I had the great pleasure of working with Sophie to deal with my obsession around healthy eating and pain management around my Crohns Disease. It helped me take control back and manage the negative thoughts the disease creates. I felt safe and secure and would thoroughly recommend her support to anyone

LIFERC, Norwich

I started a course of coaching with SES Coaching as I wanted to explore what job roles might suit me. I had been thinking of leaving my current job and had tried a couple of applications which were unsuccessful. Feeling stuck, uninspired and worried about the future I turned to Sophie for help. The coaching sessions helped me to find a direction, we focussed on my skills and she helped me to discover what I wanted to do. My confidence and self esteem has grown, not only have I found another job but I feel ready for the challenges ahead. With her guidance I decided to apply for another role and have been successfully appointed - only six weeks after first turning to her. I do not believe that I would be in this position today without the coaching from Sophie.

LIFEH, Norwich

The techniques Sophie has used in the sessions have not only helped me deal with my long term phobia of vomiting, but have also proved to show a vast improvement in how I tackle many other day to day situations that used to make me anxious. I would recommend Sophie to anyone that is suffering from stress, anxiety or a phobia – no matter how big or small.

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