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My approach to Counselling is Integrative, combining Person-Centred, Psychodynamic and CBT techniques.  I respect that no two people are the same, nor have they experienced the same things in the same way.  As such I will always focus on your individual circumstances and dedicate time to allowing you to explore your own feelings and reactions, whatever these may be.

Acceptance and understanding are often the start of the journey towards healing, and I will provide the safe environment, empathy and honest refection that will enable you to achieve these.  Following this, I aim to assist you on the path to gaining a new perspective and a more positive view of your present and future.

Whatever your own circumstances; whether you have experienced trauma or loss, have unresolved feelings from your past, or are suffering from anxiety, depression or low self-esteem, I would like to help you to address this.

Starting to see a Counsellor can be nerve-wracking and sometimes daunting.  First and foremost I will help you to feel comfortable and will provide you with a safe and non-judgemental environment in which you can explore the situations, feelings and emotions that are affecting you.  I believe that we all have the capacity to heal, and I will offer you the support, tools and opportunity to make this happen for yourself.

How many Counselling sessions will I need?

Ideally, we would meet on a weekly basis for a minimum of six weeks.  You may find that short-term counselling is adequate for you if you are addressing a specific incident.  Looking forwards, this will also give you the time to consider whether you wish to continue with longer-term therapy.

I can help you with…

  • Anxiety, Depression and low mood
  • Low self-esteem and confidence
  • Self-image
  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma
  • Abuse
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Family relationships and Friendships
  • Dealing with Stress

What others say
about us

Nobody could ever replace your individual style, attention to detail, friendliness, professionalism and genuine enthusiasm for giving of your very best

AK, Norwich

Friends and family noticed a difference in me within weeks of my first session, and I feel so much calmer and confident, and also so positive about the future

HG, Norwich

You stuck to your word in not feeling sorry for me, and that you would talk through things with me in a way that would benefit me, and for that I am massively grateful. It made it a lot easier to open up.

T, Norfolk

The coaching sessions helped me to find a direction, we focussed on my skills and she helped me to discover what I wanted to do. My confidence and self esteem has grown, not only have I found another job but I feel ready for the challenges ahead. With her guidance I decided to apply for another role and have been successfully appointed – only six weeks after first turning to her.

RC, Norwich

I had the great pleasure of working with Sophie to deal with my obsession around healthy eating and pain management around my Crohns Disease. It helped me take control back and manage the negative thoughts the disease creates. I felt safe and secure and would thoroughly recommend her support to anyone.

J, Wymondham

Our approach
to Counselling

Whatever difficulties you are experiencing, we have the capacity to heal ourselves. Positive and productive therapy will help you to accept and understand your own emotions, allowing you to move forwards with a renewed focus.
Empathy & Acceptance
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