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Life Coaching helps you to move from where you are now to where you want to be.  It works as a collaborative relationship in which your Coach will help you to identify your strengths, goals and ambitions, and then create a plan with you to support you to achieve growth, change and self-awareness.

Your Goals…

Life Coaching is not about my opinion, it is about you and where you would like to be.

Only you can make the changes that may be needed to achieve your goals, but you may need somebody to point you in the right direction, keep you focussed and support you when things become difficult.  Our sessions will provide you with a safe place to establish what you are aiming for, honest feedback and straightforward direction.  I will challenge your thought process and help you to ensure that you are heading towards where you really want to be.

Your Results…

Whatever you have aimed for, whether it be personal, professional or emotional, you will have set yourself specific milestones and whilst these may change along the way, you will be able to clearly see how far you have come.

I believe that we only achieve contentment when we are being true to ourselves.  By establishing your personal goals and values in life, we will work towards you achieving these, and therefore make the changes that are right for you.

How many Life Coaching sessions will I need?

This is completely up to you.  Some clients will feel they have enough direction after their first session and will be happy to take the next steps by themselves.  Others will have regular sessions for a number of months or longer.

Whatever your challenges in life, there is a way forward.  I can help you if:

  • You are feeling overwhelmed with life, anxious or lacking in confidence.
  • You are struggling with relationships, family or friendships.
  • You are facing exams or dealing with peer pressure.
  • You are going through changes in your personal life.
  • You would like to progress or change your career.
  • You are facing redundancy or relocation and have some difficult decisions to make.
  • You would like to achieve a better work/life balance.
  • Your life has changed direction and you need to find your feet again.

What others say
about us

Nobody could ever replace your individual style, attention to detail, friendliness, professionalism and genuine enthusiasm for giving of your very best

AK, Norwich

Friends and family noticed a difference in me within weeks of my first session, and I feel so much calmer and confident, and also so positive about the future

HG, Norwich

You stuck to your word in not feeling sorry for me, and that you would talk through things with me in a way that would benefit me, and for that I am massively grateful. It made it a lot easier to open up.

T, Norfolk

The coaching sessions helped me to find a direction, we focussed on my skills and she helped me to discover what I wanted to do. My confidence and self esteem has grown, not only have I found another job but I feel ready for the challenges ahead. With her guidance I decided to apply for another role and have been successfully appointed – only six weeks after first turning to her.

RC, Norwich

I had the great pleasure of working with Sophie to deal with my obsession around healthy eating and pain management around my Crohns Disease. It helped me take control back and manage the negative thoughts the disease creates. I felt safe and secure and would thoroughly recommend her support to anyone.

J, Wymondham

Our approach
to Life Coaching

Every challenge is an opportunity for improvement, and every set-back is a chance to take a new path. Life Coaching will help you to view your life as a whole and challenge those parts that feel uncomfortable.
Understand your Situation
Identify your Goals
Develop a Plan

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